Automatics - this category include pneumatics, regulation and control, sensors and transducers. Within this section you can find pressure sensors and temperature sensors, timers – mechanical or electronic and control modules. Find more

Car Audio - We offer for you accessories as you need. Wide range car radio adapters, speaker adapters, radio car antennas, GPS and GSM antennas, aux adapters, connectors and speakers. Find more

Connectors- Libra Electronic Components supply for you through hole and surface mount signal connectors as well as industrial, automotive, RF connectors (BNC, UHF, TNC,SMA,SMB,SMC, Coaxial) and universal Molex connectors. Find more

We supply various kinds of multipurpose Enclosures suitable for whatever your application to alarms and sensors, power supplies, wall mounting, remote control, etc. Both plastic and metal, and universal enclosures accessories. Find more

Fans; cooling and heating systems - Libra Electronic Components provide high quality cooling modules and heating elements as well as air conditioners, heat exchangers and fan controllers. You can also find industrial AC and DC fans. Find more

Fuses and Circuit Breakers - whatever you need for safe electrical installation both through hole and surface mount polymer PTC fuses, thermal fuses, circuit breakers and automotive/ industrial application. Find more

Mechanical - we offer wide range of mechanical accessories screws, nuts, washers, metal and plastic spacers, clamping levers, hinges, feet and wheels, profiles for LED and magnets. Find more

Optoelectronics and Light Sources are available at Libra Electronic Components from leading manufacturers. We offer various kinds of LED light, LED modules, LED ribbon, laser elements, torches, displays miniature light sources and high quality photovoltaic modules. Find more

Passives - Libra Electronic Components offer more than 20000 variety of passive components including resistors, capacitors, thermistors, potentiometers, inductors, quartz crystals, varistors, suppression filters, EMI/ EMC ferrites. Find more

Power Sources - this category include industrial power supplies, LED power supplies, batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery chargers. You can find also DC/DC Converters and AC/DC Converters. The most popular manufacturers in this category: AIMTEC, MEAN WELL,  OMRON,  SIEMENS,  MURR ELEKTRONIK,  INVENTRONICS,  COBI ELECTRONIC,  MERAWEX,  TRACO POWER,  DURACELL, ENERGIZER,  MAXELL,  PANASONIC,  SAMSUNG,  SANYO,  SONY,  TE Connectivity,  KEYSTONE,  COMF,  SSB. Find more

Relays and Contactors - Libra Electronic Components has a variety of relays and contactors, including electromagnetic relays, solid state relays and installation relays. The great range of contactors from Libra Electronic Components will fit any automation requirement. Find more

Robotics - Within our offer for category Robotics, you can find programmable controllers, sensor and power supply modules, motor control modules, micromotors and accessories. Find more

Semiconductors - Libra Electronic Components provides access for you to high-quality semiconductors. In our offer are diodes, diacs, thyristors, triacs, transistors and integrated circuits. You can find also microcontrollers, memories and voltage regulators integrated circuit, development kits and semiconductors accessories. Find more

Sound Sources - For sound sources you can choose from, among others speakers, microphones and headsets, sounders and buzzers. Find more

Switches and Indicators - Whether you are looking for microswitches, rocker switches, dip-switches, rotary and push button switches, LED and neon indicators Libra electronic components stocks them and many more. The most popular manufacturers in this category: ARCOLECTRIC, C&K COMPONENTS, OMRON, SCI, TE Connectivity,  ONPOW, SCHURTER, EATON ELECTRIC, SIEMENS, ACCORD, HONEYWELL,  MENTOR, PIZZATO ELETTRICA, DIPTRONICS, HIGHLY. Find more

Transformers and Ferrite Cores - Libra electronic components offer for you PCB and toroidal transformers, transformers with fastening, safety transformers and ferrite cores. Find more

Wires and Cables - in this category you will find an extensive range of multicore cables, coaxial and audio video cables. You will find cables for industrial and domestic purpose. We offer for you also accessories for cable such a heat shrink tubes or cable holders. Find more

Workplace Equipment- if you looking for a equipment of leading brands check our offer. The offer includes soldering and welding equipment, tools, measuring instruments, chemical products, PCB prototyping and safety accessories. The most popular manufacturers in this category: AXIOMET , AMPHENOL,  BOSCH,  FLIR SYSTEMS AB, FLUKE, GW INSTEK,  HANTEK,  MANSON, MATRIX,  ERSA,  UNI-T,  3M,  ALPHA,  FISNAR,  JBC TOOLS,  KOKI,  WELLER,  BAHCO, MOLEX,   LOCTITE,  STANLEY,  PROLINE,  SCHUTZINGER,  TE Connectivity, SORNY ROONG INDUSTRIALFind more