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general purpose
slot precision screwdrivers 2.4x24 mm
side cutters. length 160mm
slot precision screwdrivers 3.0x27 mm
universal straight pliers. length 130 mm
set of folding Allan hex keys
universal straight pliers. length 165 mm
3 two-sided tools for correcting solder connections
PVC insulating tape 19mm/10m
phial with solder Ø1mm
tape measure. length 3 m. in additional case
adjustable spanner. length max 150 mm. span max. 20 mm
Phillips crosspoint screwdrivers PH0x25
soldering iron 30 W. 230 V
Phillips crosspoint screwdrivers PH0x75
Phillips crosspoint screwdrivers PH1x28
wire stripper for 0.75-6 mm² conductors and crimp tool for 1.5; 2.5; 6 mm² insulated push-on connectors
Phillips crosspoint screwdrivers PH1x75
universal reinforced design knife with break-off blades
Phillips crosspoint screwdrivers PH2x100
desoldering pump
screwdriver voltage tester
round needle file. length of active part 80 mm
slot screwdriver 3.2x75 mm
flat needle file. length of active part 80 mm
solder iron base with sponge
slot screwdriver 5x75 mm
slot screwdriver 6x100 mm
soft brush. round Ø16 mm
slot precision screwdrivers 1.4x22 mm
reverse action stainless steel tweezers. with tip 3.5 mm wide
slot precision screwdrivers 2.0x23 mm
side cutters. length 115mm
synthetic fabric
the other compartment has pockets for documents. tools. etc.
the bag is fitted with two independent compartments with zip fasteners and outside pocket
the bag is fitted with a handle and a shoulder strip
one compartment comprises two removable pallets with holders for tool fastening
400 x 290 x 100mm
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Additional Information

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